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Frequently Asked Questions

Be In The Know

I haven't filed tax returns for multiple years, what should I do?

The most important thing is that you are working towards getting them filed now. If the IRS owes you a refund for any of those years, you will lose your refund after three (3) years from the due date of the original return. If you owe any taxes from those years, it is important to file as soon as possible to avoid further penalties and interest. We can help you, even if you need help retrieving old tax information from the IRS to file, just contact our office for an appointment today.

What’s the best way to contact you and how often should we be in touch?

The best way to reach us is through e-mail.  Whenever a question arises and need clarification or answer, e-mail us!

What information will I need to bring to my free consultation?

We will need all of your tax related documents you should receive in January for the prior year's taxes including W-2's, 1099's, 1098 Mortgage interest statements, receipts for real estate taxes paid, K-1s from business or trust income sources, receipts for large purchases (i.e. cars, boats, etc.) to document sales tax, and receipts/records for medical expenses, gifts to charity and other itemized deductions. It's also important to bring the HUD Settlement statement from any real estate transactions from each year. This is a general list, for a complete tax planner with a detailed outline of items needed, please contact our office and we can email it to you or send it out via regular mail.

If you are self-employed, you will need a record of all of your income and business related expenses. Contact our office if you need assistance preparing your records.

If we haven't prepared your tax returns previously, it will be important to bring your previous two (2) years' tax returns.

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